Helping clients flourish — to live with vitality, physical health, meaning and connection

Diana Hill,


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I am a licensed clinical psychologist who uses evidence-based strategies to help clients get unstuck and experience vitality and meaning in their lives. I am committed to providing effective therapy by integrating the science of psychology with the heart and wisdom of a compassionate relationship.


Upcoming Events

Free Community Talk and Meditation










1/2 day Workshop for Community

Limbic Highjack: Tools to soothe our over-driven, threat-ridden brains

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

One Dharma Sangha

MacVeagh House, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Cultivating Psychological Flexibility: A workshop in Acceptance and Commitment Training

Sunday, May 27th, 2018


Yoga Soup, Santa Barbara, 93105 


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I have collaborated closely with Dr. Hill in multiple settings for the last 10 years and I can tell you that she is one of the most skilled and compassionate clinicians I have ever met. She is sought out in the field for her trainings in cutting edge treatments where she is able to distill complex information into bit sized, approachable content. Dr. Hill provides consistently high quality evidence-based care with a warm, whole-hearted and engaging style.
— Meg McKelvie, Ph.D.
Dr. Hill’s honesty and genuineness allowed everyone else to be vulnerable, creating a truly amazing learning experience.
— Workshop Participant
Diana is a compassionate and very gifted therapist and teacher, helping her clients and students connect to their highest values and create meaningful movement in their lives. She sees each client as a unique individual and consistently creates a safe and inspiring space for change and personal growth. I highly recommend Diana as a compassionate and skilled therapist and teacher!
— Julie Hayes-Nadler, RDN, IFNCP
The exercises brought the workshop to life and provided us with interventions we can try out with our own clients.
— Workshop Participant
Clear, knowledgeable and authentic.
— Workshop Participant