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 copyright @SattvaSoulRetreats and @rmercierphotolife 

copyright @SattvaSoulRetreats and @rmercierphotolife 

Commitment to Kindness

 Using the science of compassion to soothe our overstimulated, threat driven minds


Sunday, Sept 9 / 1-4pm
Cost: $65

Location: Yoga Soup, 28 parker Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

A workshop for community members and professionals in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT)

Current neuroscience and contemplative practices agree that our expereince of compassion is central to living a happy, effective and flexible life. However, our brain archiatecture and modern stressors continutously over –stimulate our threat and drive systems. 

Join Dr. Diana Hill, licensed clinical psychologist in a workshop designed to foster the courage, kindness and wisdom needed to commit to caring for ourselves and others. Compassionate Mind Training is an approach developed by Dr. Paul Gilbert, Ph.D. of the Compassionate Mind Foundation. The mission of Compassionate Mind Training is “to pursue the alleviation of human suffering through psychological science and engaged action.”

 Drawing from evolution sciecne, affective neuroscicne, and acient practices we will explore our tricky brains and cultivate practices to increase the flow of compassion (recieivng compassion, giving compassion, and self-compassion).


Learning Objectives: In this workshop Dr. Hill will experientially teach underlying principles and processes of cultivating a compassionate self.

1. Your brain’s emotion regulation system (Threat, Drive and Safeness)

2. Soothing Rhythm Breathing to calm the nervous system

3. Cultivating a Compassionate Self

4. Using the Compassoinate Self to heal the Inner Critic

5. Using the Compassionate Self to receive and give compassion to others

Experience ACT for Professionals

Professional Workshop: Experience ACT
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Date: Coming Soon

Time: 8:30AM-3:00PM

Current trends in psychology are moving away from techniques and tool boxes towards flexible heartfelt practice.

Join Dr. Diana Hill in this hands on evidence-based workshop that will apply ACT science and theory with experiential heart and wisdom.

Revive the soul and science of your practice by learning ACT!

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professional Services


I offer in-person and video supervision and consultation to therapists, nutritionists, psychology graduate students, and organizations. Some of the services I provide include:

  • Individual training in provision of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Appetite Awareness Training, Mindfulness-based interventions
  • Consultation in therapist self-care, stress management and developing positive health behaviors
  • Consultation on complex cases
  • Organizational Training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Short term consultation on a particular question or concern